How many Lake District hills and mountains can you identify? Test your knowledge in this fun to play quiz and learning tool. Try to identify which hill or mountain is shown on the map by picking out recognisable features and nearby landmarks, or from its height. Improve hill recognition by practice, or view a map showing all hills and their heights. Hills have been divided into three difficulty categories to get started. Try to beat your scores as you begin to recognise more and more Lake District fells.


  • Identify hills and mountains on the map
  • Zoom, pan and rotate around the map to pick out easily recognisable features and nearby landmarks
  • Three difficulty levels to choose from, or pick randomly from each
  • Bonus points for fast answers!
  • Share your score with your friends
  • Learn at your own pace in learn mode - view a map of all Lake District hills & mountains or search for your favourites to find them on the map
  • View highscores and try to beat your best
  • Contains all 214 Wainwright hills

Please note that the app requires an Internet connection so that the maps can function correctly.

Lake District Hills and Mountains Screenshot