How many towns and cities can you identify on the world map? Test your knowledge in this fun location-based quiz and learning tool. Identify the town or city pinpointed on the map, improve geographical knowledge by playing the game, and try to beat your scores as you begin to recognize more and more!


  • Identify world towns and cities pinpointed on a world map
  • Zoom in and out of the map to pick out easily recognisable features
  • Earn extra points for answering quickly
  • Three difficulty levels to choose from, or pick randomly - View highscores and try to beat your best


  • Capital Cities: 174 locations from Abu Dhabi to Zagreb
  • Major Cities: 341 locations from Abidjan to Zhengzhou
  • Africa: 121 locations from Abidjan to Zanzibar
  • Asia: 234 locations from Abu Dhabi to Zhengzhou
  • Europe: 267 locations from Aalborg to Zurich
  • North America: 262 locations from Abilene to Yuma
  • South America: 58 locations from Antofagasta to Valparaiso
  • China: 51 locations from Anyang to Zhuhai
  • France: 57 locations from Agen to Vannes
  • Germany: 22 locations from Ansbach to Wurzburg
  • India: 44 locations from Agartala to Vizianagaram
  • Italy: 26 locations from Bologna to Venice
  • Russia: 51 locations from Anadyr to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
  • Spain: 31 locations from Albacete to Zaragoza
  • Turkey: 33 locations from Adana to Van
  • UK: 70 locations from Aberdeen to York
  • USA: 331 locations from Abilene to Yuma
Towns and Cities Screenshot