Boost your geographical knowledge and have fun in the process

World Jigsaw is a fun and educational interactive map puzzle game with moveable countries. How quickly can you complete the world map by dragging the countries into their correct places? Connect the countries together and race against the clock to beat your previous scores, whilst learning where the countries are located within the world. For a more relaxed learning experience, choose to view a map, and tap a country to find out what it is.

World Jigsaw Screenshot
World Jigsaw Screenshot

The app comes with a world countries and world continents map included, with the option to purchase additional maps covering different areas of the world.

Additional Maps:
  • World Map (75 pieces)
  • World Map (150 pieces)
  • Europe (42 pieces)
  • Asia (26 Pieces)
  • Africa (44 Pieces)
  • South America (12 Pieces)